Friday, February 13, 2009

Haven's Candy Factory Tour

Ashley went to a special tour at Haven’s Candy Factory. It was so much fun!

We started out by putting nets over our hair before entering the factory. In the first room they were coating popcorn with caramel for caramel corn. We got to pack our own bags of caramel corn to take home with us.

In the next room of the factory we got to see how they created chocolate in molds. Ashley got to take a turn filling the molds with the chocolate by squeezing the handle.

Then we got to cover our own treats (pretzels, Oreo cookies, wafers, and orange creams) with chocolate. We took our treats and lined them up on the conveyer belt. We watched them go through the machine that covers the treats in chocolate. Then we each got to decorate our treats with sprinkles before they continued down the conveyer to the cooler.

In the final room, Ashley got to try twisting taffy into wrappers. After the girls showed her how to "roll and twist" a couple of times, she tried it on her own. She very neatly folded the wrapper around the taffy, folding over each end (not twisting), and then somehow convinced the girls that she needed tape to hold the ends.

We had a great time touring the candy factory. It was a lot of fun!


  1. What a great idea and it looks so yummy and so much fun!!

    Creative and Curious Kids!
    God's Shining Stars

  2. That looks like she is enjoying the tour very much. I liked touring Malleys a long time ago. My aunt Della used to work at a candy place years and years ago. I love chocolate!