Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ashley Made the Front Page!

The Windham newspaper ran an article about Ashley and her Blessing Bracelets.

Ashley's grandmother (in CA) makes the bracelets and sends them to Ashley to sell since Grandma really has no way to sell them herself. She calls them "Blessing Bracelets" in memory of her late brother, Edward C. Goetschel, Jr. (who died at the young age of 47). He was a chef and left no kids or wife to honor him. His passion for food was the inspiration for donating the money to a food bank. Grandma is also a recipient of a local food bank in CA and the Blessing Bracelets is her way of "giving back".

We ask for a donation of $3 for the bracelets. The first day she started selling them at church she sold all the bracelets she had in one day and made $40 for the food bank.

At our first visit to the food bank, she was able to donate $50. She really enjoyed her visit to the food bank and really wants to go back and volunteer. We made arrangements for her to help out on December 16th. She will bringing more money to donate when she goes to volunteer on the 16th.

Read the entire article "8 year-old runs own fundraiser to benefit Gray Food Pantry":

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