Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun wih Seaglass

One of Ashley’s favorite outdoor activities is walking along the beach looking for sea glass with Mama. We often go to the beach looking for sea glass and then go for a hike along the big rocks. When we have lots of energy, we hike all the way out to the lighthouse.

Sometimes we take the ferry out to one of the islands and walk along the beach on the island. We make an entire afternoon out of the ferry ride out to the island, the walk along the beach and then the ferry ride back. We have quite the collection of sea glass from the coast of Maine in green russet brown and white.

Ashley was so excited to see some of the charms we could make from sea glass. We take wire and wrap it around the sea glass. Ashley helps pick out which pieces of sea glass we should use and helps choose a charm.

She loved seeing pictures of our sea glass masterpieces in our online store.

Whenever we sell one, we put half of our profts into her savings account. She loves going to the bank and making a deposit (don't we all).

It is great fun taking one of our favorite past times of collecting sea glass and showing her how we can turn the sea glass into wonderful jewelry. It gave Ashley a whole new appreciation of sea glass.

You can check out some of our other designs in our online store, Acorn Accessories.

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