Monday, March 16, 2009

Learn for FREE in D.C.

What better place to expose your child to US History than our very own Washington DC? Not only is a wonderful way to learn about our history, but admission to everything is FREE!!!

While we were in Washington DC, Ashley got to see where the President lives, the Capital Building, Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, among many other important buildings. At each of the stops we discussed the history and significance of each building/memorial.

We also visited many of the museums, which are also FREE. Ashley learned about space and flight in the National Air and Space Museum. Along with many other exhibits, she got to see the Apollo 11 Command Module and got to go into the cockpits of aircraft and spacecraft exhibits. She also learned about the Wright brothers' historic flights and got to see the Wright Flyer, the world's first successful airplane.

Ashley’s favorite museum was the National Museum of Natural History. We could have spent all day in this museum alone. Ashley is fascinated with dinosaurs and just loved seeing the exhibits. She finally got to appreciate the actual size of the dinosaurs, which you really cannot grasp looking at a book. Ashley also got to explore a living butterfly house (not free) where butterflies sat right on her finger! She also got to see some amazing gems and minerals, many prehistoric animals and some interesting reptiles and amphibians.

I have also learned that the Smithsonian offers some wonderful lesson plans and web-based activities online at Be sure to check it out!

What a great resource for homeschoolers!


  1. Great post! Looks like a wonderful place for fun and learning on a budget!!

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  2. I liked the Natural History museum too. I loved the funny movie--Night at the Museum, I think it was called where the dad gets a job as a night watchman at the museum of history and at night, all the exhibits come to life! It was very good!

  3. I was a teacher in DC for a year after college and I just LOVED the FREE museums! What a fun trip! I am so glad you could visit!

  4. oh aren't those earrings pretty!
    happy UBP hopping!